Is Infant Baptism Necessary for Salvation?

No. Infant baptism is not only not necessary for salvation, it cannot provide salvation.Infant baptism is based on an assumption by human religious leaders. The assumption is that since we are born in original sin, a child will receive negative consequences for not having received cleansing of sin through baptism. Those consequences may include loss of salvation (inability to enter heaven) or limbo (residence in another destination other than heaven).God is very clear about the destination of all human souls. All of us regardless of age are going into one of only two places: heaven or hell. There is no biblical basis whatsoever for limbo. Therefore, the question is how does God see an infant with respect to consequences?The Bible indicates the answer clearly. God sees children as innocent. They will not be judged for sin since sin requires choice. An infant is not able to make a choice for good or evil therefore an infant is not guilty in God’s eyes of any sin. Furthermore, since hell is the consequence for sin which is a conscious rejection of God’s will (rebellion), the only place that is appropriate for an infant is heaven.

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