Is There Only One Way to Heaven?

According to Jesus, the answer is “yes.” Many people have difficulty with His answer because they see so many other religions besides Christianity producing good works. However, heaven is not the result of our good works.

Heaven cannot be earned by anyone, which is the conflict with religions based on human effort. Heaven is a gift; therefore works cannot be counted. This clearly taught truth in God’s Word is offensive to many because mankind wants to see heaven as a reward for effort, but nothing could be more untrue. Heaven is a gift that we will never deserve, no matter how “good” we think we may be. The truth is that any imperfection will disqualify a person from heaven. That fact leaves us utterly dependent on the mercy of God. Fortunately for us, God wants to grant mercy to anyone who asks for it. God does not discriminate. He loves every single person the same—perfectly. But His love is a gift that can only be received by trusting in Christ.

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